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Swashbuckler Swashbuckler-av

Rarity: Rare
Hero Type: Damage dealer
Weapon Class: One Handed Stabbing
Armor Class: Leather

"My name is... not important. Prepare to die!" - Swashbuckler

Value Value
Armor 15% Fire Resist 10%
Dodge 5% Poison Resist 10%
Critical chance 5%
Initiative 1.7


Soul SkillEdit

Balestra: Removes all harmful effects on Swashbuckler, then deals physical damage

Active SkillsEdit

Deceptive Blade: Deals physical damage

Daring Offensive: Deals physical damage to a row

Feint: Increases dodge by 9 + 1.5 * skill_level % temporarily

Flourish: Deals physical damage, then increases attack temporarily

En Garde: Increases defense temporarily

Passive SkillsEdit

Riposte: After dodging an attack, deal physical damage to the attacker.

Bonhomie: Increases dodge by 4 + skill_level %

Genteel Streak: Deceptive Blade and Flourish damage increased


  • An agile swordsman, Swashbuckler can avoid damage while dealing damage back.
  • It is highly recommended to equip Piercing Blade or Bloodletter, as these weapons maximize attack and give a great chance to apply critical damage to their opponents, mainly in their counterattack.
  • Balestra removes all debuffs and DOT effects on Swashbuckler including attack/defense decrease and stun, allowing him to remain in stable condition when used. Use it when he's affected by many harmful effects.
  • Several of Swashbuckler's skills increases his dodge, allowing him to avoid damage most of the time. However, he cannot dodge area damage such as Mage's Fireball.
  • With Riposte, Swashbuckler is able to deal damage against attackers after dodging an attack. Pairing it up with Bonhomie and having Feint active in battle will increases its efficiency. Another great advantage of this is that it ignores Defy Death passive of monsters.
  • All of Swashbuckler's attacks deal physical damage, meaning that enemies with high armor can reduce his damage output (although Piercing Blade will help against this). Be sure to support him with skills that can reduce enemy armor such as Blackguard's Vicious Strike.

Trivia Edit

  • His Dartagnan skin is designed to homage the Three Musketeers while his Inigo skin is meant to go with his hero quote as a reference to Inigo Montoya from "The Princess Bride."
  • Swashbuckler fittingly has the highest dodge chance of all heroes: 5% initial, 14% from maxed Bonhomie, 1% from Breastplate of the Beast (the only armor that adds dodge), 15% from Iron Rose, totaling 35% normally. Upon using Feint, he gains an extra 24% (at max), making for a total of 59%.
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