"Empowers the wielder with speed, courage, and determination"

Sword of Victory is a Rare One-Handed Stabbing weapon obtainable by crafting, the Guild Shop, and as a random drop from Festival Events. It is preceded by the Rare Murderer's Shiv and succeeded by the Super Rare Bloodletter.

Base Stats Edit

Level 25 30 35 40 45 50 55
Attack 47 57 66 76 85 95 104
Defense 47 57 66 76 85 95 104
Damage 25 29 32 36 39 43 46

Special Properties Edit

  • -0.1 Initiative
  • +5% Soul Energy

Strategy Edit

Sword of Victory is decent for lower level players to equip onto their Blackguard. It's best to not craft this weapon, since it can be obtained for free via the methods stated above. At later levels, it is quickly outclassed by Bloodletter and Dark Defender, so there's no reason to hold onto your Sword of Victory for very long once you've unlocked better options.

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