The Crimson Masquerade is a 7-day bonus boss Campaign.

Campaign Properties Edit

The theme of Crimson Masquerade is Refreshing Brew spam. A few of the enemies will often use a modified Refreshing Brew skill that affects one enemy. Starting at mission 3, some enemies will be tinted red and have increased stats and starting at mission 8, some will have special skills.

Enemies with special skills:

  • Evil Acolyte: Ray of Enfeeblement, single-target Refreshing Brew
  • Ghoul: Fearsome Visage
  • Vile Priest: Confuse, Healing Circle
  • Covenant Guardian: Inspiration
  • Undead Warlord: Shield Tactics
  • Necromancer: Inflict Wounds that deals line damage
  • Corrupted Inquisitor: Energy Drain (Necromancer Soul Skill), Avenge, single-target Refreshing Brew
  • Vile Assassin: AoE Curse
  • Vampire Thrall: Shadow Slash, Vampiric Touch (replaces its original skill set)
  • Dark Fanatic: Vicious Strike (replaces Slash)
  • Covenant Assassin: Regen every action, Vicious Strike (replaces Twin Strike)
  • Vampire: Demon Shout, Vital Strike
  • Lesser Lich: Disenchant (removes buffs from one party member), Fireball, Warcry
  • Covenant Witch: Fireball, Hex, AoE Frost Bolt, single-target Refreshing Brew
  • Shikar, Vampire Lord: Fear, AoE Demonfire, AoE Curse, regen every action (passive), Mass Dispel (soul)
  • Ghoul (stage 20): AoE Howl, Warcry, Bloodbath, regenerates health whenever damaged (passive), resets cooldowns of all active skills whenever damaged (passive)
  • Covenant Guardian (stage 20): Threaten, Warrior's Challenge, AoE Taunt, Overload, Block, Righteous Call
  • Evil Acolyte (stage 20): Spirit Rage, Haste, Crushing Fist
  • Lesser Lich (stage 20): Brood of Zaluss, Overload, Cloud of Weakness, Endless Pain, Wave of Death
  • Necromancer (stage 20): Healing Circle, Brood of Zaluss, Ball of Darkness, Acid Bolt
  • Shikar, Vampire Lord (stage 20): Curse, Fear, Demonfire, Overload, Summon Demon, Smite, immune to stuns (passive), Mass Dispel (soul)

Rewards Edit

Stage Difficulty Rewards
1 Normal 2 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1 ×Icon-ticket Ticket
Hard 2 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone
Extreme 74 ×Icon-food Food, 200 ×Icon-goldGold
2 Normal 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone
Hard 150 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 75 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP)
3 Normal 75 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 2 ×Icon-ticket Ticket
Extreme 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-common Common Battle Chest
4 Normal 250 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 150 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP), 50 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP)
Extreme 5 ×Icon-mystical-essence Mystical Essence, 75 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP), 100 ×Icon-food Food
5 Normal 2 ×Icon-ticket Ticket
Hard 400 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP), 1100 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 1 ×Icon-key Key, 110 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP), 120 ×Icon-food Food
6 Normal 140 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 1200 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone
7 Normal 9 ×Icon-mystical-essence Mystical Essence
Hard 2500 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 280 ×Icon-food Food
8 Normal 1600 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-common Common Battle Chest, 160 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 4 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone
9 Normal 550 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 3300 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1 Crystal Hammer (Lvl. 30)
10 Normal 220 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 180 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP), 770 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 7 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone
11 Normal 2500 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 2 ×Icon-adamantine Adamantine Bar, 150 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 5 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 1 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 2500 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
12 Normal 1 ×Icon-boost-weapon-generic  Rare Weapon Booster (Lvl. 30)
Hard 1 ×Icon-boost-weapon-generic  Super Rare Weapon Booster (Lvl. 35)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-boost-weapon-generic  Epic Weapon Booster (Lvl. 40)
13 Normal 7 ×Icon-gem Gems
Hard 300 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 8500 ×Icon-goldGold
14 Normal 300 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 200 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP), 1050 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 10 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 5 ×Icon-arcane Arcane Shards
15 Normal 330 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-epic Epic Battle Chest
Extreme 1 ×Icon-boost-weapon-generic  Epic Weapon Booster (Lvl. 45), 1 ×Icon-voidVoid Cores
16 Normal 1500 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 625 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP)
Extreme 30 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone
17 Normal 15 ×Icon-gem Gems, 50 ×Icon-guild-marks Guild Marks
Hard 1 Goblin, 1 Goblin Magus, 1 Goblin Trickster, all lv. 65; 7 ×Icon-ticket Ticket
Extreme 2 ×Icon-boost-weapon-generic  Epic Weapon Booster (Lvl. 48)
18 Normal 2 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 60 ×Icon-steel Steel Bars
Hard 400 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 1 ×Icon-boost-monster-generic  Super Rare Monster Booster (Lvl. 50), 2 ×Icon-celestial Celestial Orb, 5500 ×Icon-goldGold
19 Normal 15 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-voidVoid Cores
Hard 1 ×Icon-boost-armor-generic  Epic Armor Booster (Lvl. 54), 1 ×Icon-boost-defense-generic  Epic Defense Booster (Lvl. 54), 1 ×Icon-boost-monster-generic  Epic Monster Booster (Lvl. 54), 1 ×Icon-boost-weapon-generic  Epic Weapon Booster (Lvl. 54), 2 ×Icon-voidVoid Cores
Extreme 75 ×Icon-gem Gems; 2 ×Icon-battle-chest-epic Epic Battle Chest; 4 ×Icon-key Key; 1x Shikar, Vampire Lord lv. 55
20 Normal 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 20 ×Icon-mystical-essence Mystical Essence, 2 ×Icon-celestial Celestial Orb, 5000 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 1 ×Icon-potion-rage  Uncommon Rage Potion , 20 ×Icon-gem Gems, 40 ×Icon-mystical-essence Mystical Essence, 4 ×Icon-celestial Celestial Orb, 10K ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 1 ×Icon-potion-rage  Rare Rage Potion ; 30 ×Icon-gem Gems; 2 ×Icon-battle-chest-common Common Battle Chest; 1x Shikar, Vampire Lord lv. 71; 2 ×Icon-voidVoid Cores

Strategy Edit

Stage 20 for players below 55 (by LordofKaon, adapted by The Mochinator): Edit


Spellsword Witch


Hero Equipment Skills
Barbarian Ambusher's Hacker, Great Wyrm Hide Bear's Strength, Leaping Strike, Turtle's Shell, Hawk's Speed, Owl's Insight
Spellsword Vorpal Warsword, Dragonscale Armor Haste, Magic Missile, Power Shield, Energy Reserves, Magical Mastery
Witch Gem Studded Wand/Wand of Endless Suffering, Aetheron Robes Curse, Evil Brew, Refreshing Brew, Coven Mistress, Warding Spirits
Cleric Ambusher's Hacker/Moon Mace, Chainskin Cleanse, Powerful Heal, Quick Heal, Charismatic Leader, Healer

Enemy targeting order, from first to last: Lesser Lich, Evil Acolyte, Necromancer, Dragon Minion, Covenant Guardian, Ghoul, Shikar

Only the most well-equipped heroes can beat this stage without Tier 2 gear. All heroes must have 7 stars, and most gear pieces must be enchanted to a decently high level. The run may also require good RNG with crits and dodges. If you have everything you need but still can't beat the stage, you may have to keep trying until you get a lucky run.

Witch needs an immediate Immune potion after the first two hits in order to survive the Crushing Fists while Warding Spirits builds up. (If one of the first two hits kills her, reset immediately.) Revive and Soul potions are also recommended; save them for the final wave.

Use Barbarian's soul skill to debuff the defense of enemies, and then whittle them down to nothing with the rest of your attacks. Witch's Vile Brew is vital for self-healing and can deal bonus damage, so use it frequently. Always dispel attack bonuses right before Crushing Fists is used; dispelling taunts is also very important. Resurrect whenever needed. When it comes to attacking the Ghouls, make absolutely certain that you use Baleful Glare or Vile Brew immediately after you attack it with a normal skill. This allows you to get two attacks (and the debuff or heal) for the price of only one Ghoul skill cycle.

First stage 20 strategy for level 55s (by Midge): Edit


Spellsword Barbarian


Hero Equipment Skills
Druid Thunderstorm Staff/Abjurer's Staff of Protection/White Staff of Viarus, Living Leather Entangle, Healing Circle/Renewal, Invigor, Essence of Nature, Heart of the Wild
Spellsword Praetor's Righteousness, Dragonscale Armor/Keldis' Raiment Haste, Magic Missile, Power Shield, Energy Reserves, Magical Mastery
Barbarian King's Hammer, Living Leather Bear's Strength, Leaping Strike, Turtle's Shell, Hawk's Speed, Ward
Cleric King's Hammer, Keldis' Raiment Cleanse, Powerful Heal, Quick Heal, Charismatic Leader, Healer

Druid's soul skill should be used for additional and more controllable healing, but be careful about Shikar's Mass Dispel in the final stage. Use the same enemy targeting order as above.

Stage 20 for well-geared level 55s (by LordofKaon): Edit


Warmaster Barbarian


Hero Equipment Skills
Spellsword Praetor's Righteousness, Keldis' Raiment Haste, Magic Missile, Power Strike, Magical Mastery, Martial Mastery
Warmaster King's Hammer, Keldis' Raiment Battle Fury, Call to Arms, Take Charge, Commanding Aura, Shield of Discipline
Barbarian King's Hammer, Living Leather Leaping Strike, Turtle's Shell, Weapon Throw, Hawk's Speed, Owl's Insight
Druid White Staff of Viarus, Living Leather Entangle, Invigor, Renewal, Essence of Nature, Heart of the Wild

Use all 4 soul skills whenever possible, but prioritize Rapid Regeneration and Shield Tactics. Use the same enemy targeting order as above. Be cautious with Barbarian's Weapon Throw, as you want to make sure it doesn't hit any of the Ghouls unless they are the only enemies left on the field. Leave the middle Dragon Minion alive and take out the flanking Dragon Minions so that you have a target to redirect Weapon Throw to without hitting the Ghouls.

Alternate level 55 strat (by Beatific): Edit


Pirate Barbarian


Hero Equipment Skills
Spellsword Praetor's Righteousness, Keldis' Raiment Haste, Magic Missile, Power Strike, Magical Mastery, Martial Mastery
Pirate Piercing Blade, Living Leather Blade Flash, Captain O' the Ship, Pistol Shot, Master Gunner, Wrath of the Sea
Barbarian King's Hammer, Living Leather Bear's Strength, Leaping Strike, Turtle's Shell, Hawk's Speed, Owl's Insight
Cleric King's Hammer, Keldis' Raiment Cleanse, Powerful Heal, Quick Heal, Charismatic Leader, Healer

Once again, take advantage of Barbarian's defense debuff and then attack each enemy one at a time. Pirate surprisingly helps a lot by dealing ranged true damage via his soul skill and active skill, as well as providing a bit of extra resistances. Use the same enemy targeting order as above. Revive whenever necessary, and Dispel frequently. It's recommended that you focus Cleric's heals on the backline (especially herself) and simply revive Barbarian instead of using heals on her.

Stage 19 for high level 40s and early level 50s: Edit


Mystic Blackguard


Hero Equipment Skills
Druid Abjurer's Staff of Protection/Nature's Offering/Rod of Ruin, Great Wyrm Hide Entangle, Invigor, Renewal, Essence of Nature, Heart of the Wild
Mystic Abjurer's Staff of Protection/Nature's Offering, Aetheron Robes/Coat of Quickening Confuse/Safety Ward, Disenchant, Foretell, Knowledge, Visions
Blackguard Bloodletter/Dark Defender, Strength of Legend Double Swing, Tendril of Shadow, Vicious Strike, Find Weakness, Hell's Bulwark
Cleric Moon Mace/Smoking Mace, Dragonscale Armor Cleanse, Powerful Heal, Quick Heal, Charismatic Leader, Healer

Target the red Covenant Witches first. Use Doom to increase the damage they take and then kill them off with Entangle, Soul Rend, and Tendril of Shadow. Activate Rapid Regen if your heroes are half health or below, and Resurrect if anyone dies. On later levels, it's recommended that you bring a revive potion in case your Cleric dies as well as a soul potion in case your soul energy is being drained too much by Resurrects and Rapid Regens. However, they are not required.

This team should work on every stage up to and including 19 Extreme.

The forever strategy (by Valkrysseurs) on stage 18 (might work for 17 too) for mid level 40 players: Edit


Warmaster Paladin


On map 18, you can use Cleric/Druid backline with a Warmaster/Paladin frontline.

Must have: Shield of Valor/Commanding Aura/Heavy Bash/Call to arms/Battle Fury on Warmaster ; Block/Holy Shield/Avenge on Paladin

Focus mainly enemies with Refreshing Brew then the ones with Disenchant. The Paladin might kill some enemies with Avenge, but Warmaster will one-shot most of the enemies. Just spam Warmasters' Shield Tactics and use Rapid Regeneration once right before Fireball or as soon as your heroes start to be too low in health.

The strategy is more efficient with Warmaster alone frontline if he is able to withstand the damage (mine was only 6* but worked fine on extreme)

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