The Fortress is a Tier 2 Epic Plate armor. It is preceded by the Tier 1 Epic Strength of Legend and succeeded by the Tier 3 Epic Plate of Undeath.

Requirements Edit

Blacksmith: 50

Alchemist: 50

Engineer: 55

Void Cores: 424, 880

Stats Edit

Max level: 75

Max base stats:

22 att

344 def

35.0% armor

-5% dodge

Strategy Edit

Even though the Special Properties from its epic predecessor Strength of Legend may seem preferable in some contexts, the higher level cap on The Fortress will lead to higher base stats and makes it better in most cases. All heroes benefit from wearing The Fortress, though two examples worthy of note are Knight, which practically needs it in order to have the best Zaluss the Demolisher run possible, and Blackguard, who maybe fares a bit better when wearing the offensively-oriented Dreadplate rather than The Fortress. At level 55, many crit-based weapons unlock (Muramasa, Piercing Blade, Spear of Pain, to name a few) so this armour is very beneficial. Also helps for consistency.

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