The Giving of Thanks is a special Campaign that lasts 7 days.

Campaign Properties Edit

You may choose four heroes for your party.

Stages Edit

Stage Rec. Level

(N, H, EX)

1 10, 13, 18 2x Bandit, 3x Bandit Archer, 3x Spear Wall, 3x Harlequin, 2x Bandit Cutthroat, 1x Bandit Bruiser
2 15, 19, 25 3x Bandit, 3x Bandit Leader, 5x Bandit Archer, 2x Bandit Bruiser
3 20, 24, 31 7x Bandit Cutthroat, 2x Bandit Lord, 2x Bandit Marksman, 3x Harlequin
4 25, 30, 38 3x Tattooed Bandit, 4x Bandit Leader, 4x Vile Priest, 3x Bandit Bruiser
5 30, 35, 44 3x Covenant Guardian, 3x Bandit Lord, 3x Evil Acolyte, 3x Bandit Marksman
6 35, 41, 50 3x Vile Priest, Covenant Assassin, 2x Tattooed Bandit, 4x Covenant Witch
7 40, 46, 56 3x Covenant Guardian, 5x Dark Fanatic, 5x Evil Acolyte, 8x Vile Assassin
8 50, 57, 68 3x Dark Fanatic, 5x Vile Assassin, 1x Vile Priest, 3x Covenant Witch, 5x Covenant Assassin, 3x Evil Acolyte, 1x Bandit Lord
9 65, 73, 85 3x Bandit, 3x Bandit Archer, 4x Bandit Cutthroat, 5x Bandit Leader, 5x Harlequin, 2x Bandit Bruiser, 1x Cleric
10 50, 57, 68 1x Bandit, 1x Bandit Archer, 1x Bandit Cutthroat, 1x Bandit Leader, 1x Harlequin, 1x Bandit Bruiser, 6x Cleric

Rewards Edit

Stage Difficulty Rewards
1 Normal 25 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 50 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 100 ×Icon-food Food
2 Normal 50 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 75 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 150 ×Icon-food Food
3 Normal 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 50 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 100 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 200 ×Icon-food Food
4 Normal 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 63 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 125 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 250 ×Icon-food Food
5 Normal 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 75 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 150 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 300 ×Icon-food Food
6 Normal 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 88 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 175 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 350 ×Icon-food Food
7 Normal 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 100 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 200 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 20 ×Icon-gem Gems, 2 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 400 ×Icon-food Food
8 Normal 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 125 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 2 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 250 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 20 ×Icon-gem Gems, 2 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 500 ×Icon-food Food
9 Normal 2 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 260 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 15 ×Icon-gem Gems, 2 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 520 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 30 ×Icon-gem Gems, 2 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 1040 ×Icon-food Food
10 Normal 15 ×Icon-gem Gems, 375 ×Icon-food Food, 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-common Common Battle Chest, 3 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map
Hard 30 ×Icon-gem Gems, 750 ×Icon-food Food, 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-rare Rare Battle Chest, 4 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map
Extreme 60 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1500 ×Icon-food Food, 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-epic Epic Battle Chest, 8 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map

Strategy Edit

Stage 10 for players below 55: Edit


Shaman Warmaster


Hero Gear Skills
Druid Nature's Offering/Rod of Ruin/Abjurer's Staff of Protection, Great Wyrm Hide Entangle, Invigor, Renewal, Essence of Nature, Heart of the Wild/Wrath of Nature
Shaman Jade Fist of Kung Huo, Chainskin Earthen Strike, Spirit Rage, Wicked Punch, Inherent Speed, Inner Power
Warmaster Ambusher's Hacker, Dragonscale Battle Fury, Call to Arms, Take Charge, Commanding Aura, Shield of Discipline
Mystic Nature's Offering/Abjurer's Staff, Aetheron Robes Confuse, Disenchant, Foretell, Knowledge, Visions

Wave 1 is easy. Use Shield Tactics to start so you take less damage, and then Doom to allow your Shaman to inflict massive pain on all the enemies. Rapid Regen if necessary, but make sure you end the wave with full soul energy and soul skills recharged.

Since the Clerics in waves 2 and 3 ignore 100% of defense, neither gear nor skills that offer defense will impact your survivability, so Shield Tactics may not be of any use to you. Use Rapid Regen right after any AoE attacks or a single target attack that hits you for high damage. Invigor either Shaman or Warmaster whenever possible. Due to AoE Cleanse, you must handle your Doom timing with care--it's best that you delay activation until right after Cleanse is used. That way, Cleanse will be on cooldown and your Shaman will get a chance to deal some damage. Though the Cleric in the front is very resistant to Shaman's attacks and she has a relatively high dodge chance, it's fine to use Power Punch on her simply because you should have more soul energy than you know what to do with 90% of the time. After enough time, Shaman will take out the backline Cleric with an Earthen Strike and the others will fall in short order. Do the same thing for wave 3, except target the red Cleric with Entangle and Confuse at all times.

The only major threat to your run is Bludgeoning Strike. It IS affected by Shield Tactics (due to the armor buff), so if you see it in queue, Shield Tactics might allow you to survive one of them. If not, just use a Revive potion and carry on. The second Bludgeoning Strike that you see can be harder to deal with, as it requires enough foresight for you to know which hero will get hit so you can use an Immune potion on him/her before it happens. She always targets the hero with the lowest health, so you should be able to gauge which hero is at the lowest health based on the size of the health bar and pre-existent knowledge on which heroes have more max health than others. Generally, Druid or Shaman will be the victim of Bludgeoning Strike unless one of the other two heroes have taken tremendously more damage. If a hero ever dies from Bludgeoning Strike and you don't have another Revive to take care of it, you'll probably have to restart the run.

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