The Golden Horde is a bonus hero campaign featuring the Barbarian hero.

 Campaign Properties Edit

The Golden Horde consists of 17 missions.The player must field the Barbarian in their party.

Stage 16 & 17 are uber stages that were added in a later update. Enemies have a cleanse which will only activate to remove debuffs, but also applies a high attack buff when it is cast.

Boss: Barbarian

  • Low Health, Low Attack, Low Defense
  • Resists: Very low Light, Low Armour
  • Passive: Freezing Aura
  • Passive: Find Weakness
  • Passive: Stun Immunity
  • Passive: Crafty
  • Passive: Visions

Tank: Frozen Blood Hero

  • Very High Health, Low Attack, Low Defense
  • Attack: Shadow Shroud
  • Attack: Parry
  • Attack: Block (Delayed)
  • Attack: Cleanse, applies damage buff instead of heal
  • Passive: Shield of Valor

DPS: Black Fist Skirmisher

  • Mid Health, High Attack, Low Defense
  • Soul: Swarm of Arrows
  • Attack: Piercing Shot
  • Attack: Headshot (Delayed)
  • Attack: Cleanse, applies damage buff instead of heal

DPS: Black Fist Enforcer

  • Low Health, High Attack, Mid Defense
  • Attack: Rescue
  • Attack: Shadow Step
  • Attack: Shadow Slash
  • Attack: Vanish
  • Attack: Cleanse, applies damage buff instead of heal
  • Attack: Envenom (Delayed)
  • Passive: Visions
  • Passive: Crafty

Support: Black Fist Evoker

  • Low Health, High Attack, Mid Defense
  • Attack: Blade Barrier
  • Attack: Fire Storm
  • Attack: Spirit Rage
  • Attack: Demonfire
  • Attack: Haste (Delayed)
  • Attack: Cleanse, applies damage buff instead of heal

Support: Frozen Blood Executioner

  • Mid Health, High Attack, High Defense
  • Attack: Finishing Strike (Targets min health enemy)
  • Attack: Ray of Enfeeblement
  • Attack: Fear (Delayed)
  • Attack: Cleanse, applies damage buff instead of heal
  • Passive: Bloodthirsty

Missions Edit

# Difficulty Rec. Level Monsters Rewards
1 Normal 18
  • Vicious Orc x4
  • Black Fist Evoker x2
  • Black Fist Skirmisher x2
  • Ogre x2
750 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 22 750 ×Icon-goldGold, 150 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 29 5 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 5 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 20 ×Icon-steel Steel Bars
2 Normal 18
  • Goblin x5
  • Goblin Trickster x3
  • Black Fist Skirmisher
  • Goblin Magus x2
  • Vicious Orc
100 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 22 100 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP), 300 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 29 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 1000 ×Icon-goldGold
3 Normal 18
  • Giant Snake x2
  • Spear Wall
  • Goblin Trickster
  • Goblin x2
  • Goblin Magus x2
  • Stout Guardian x3
  • Ballista x2
1000 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 22 75 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP), 150 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 29 5 ×Icon-mystical-essence Mystical Essence, 1000 ×Icon-goldGold
4 Normal 20
  • Frozen Blood Veteran x2
  • Frozen Blood Conjurer x2
  • Frozen Blood Hero
  • Vicious Orc x12
  • Orc Warchanter x2
  • Goblin x2
  • Goblin Magus
5 ×Icon-gem Gems
Hard 24 25 ×Icon-wood Hardwood, 25 ×Icon-steel Steel Bars
Extreme 31 5 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 500 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP), 250 ×Icon-food Food
5 Normal 20
  • Spear Wall x3
  • Black Fist Skirmisher x2
  • Vicious Orc x2
  • Cannon x2
  • Black Fist Evoker
  • Black Fist Enforcer x3
  • Goblin x3
  • Goblin Magus
8 ×Icon-mystical-essence Mystical Essence
Hard 24 350 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP), 750 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 31 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 10 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 1000 ×Icon-goldGold
6 Normal 20
  • Black Fist Skirmisher x2
  • Spear Wall
  • Goblin Trickster
  • Vicious Orc x3
  • Triple Ballista x2
  • Mountain Giant
  • Frozen Blood Veteran x2
  • Battle Ogre
  • Frozen Blood Conjurer
2 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone
Hard 24 100 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP), 50 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP)
Extreme 31 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 800 ×Icon-goldGold, Black Fist Skirmisher (lv. 20)
7 Normal 22
  • Ogre x2
  • Frozen Blood Conjurer x3
  • Frozen Blood Executioner x2
  • Frozen Blood Hero
  • Black Fist Enforcer x2
  • Black Fist Evoker
  • Goblin Trickster
  • Goblin x4
  • Orc Overlord
  • Goblin Magus
Dragonhide Armor
Hard 27 450 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP), 750 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 34 Bloodied Axe (Lvl. 20), 5 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 150 ×Icon-food Food
8 Normal 25
  • Orc x5
  • Orc Scout x2
  • Orc Shaman x2
  • Frozen Blood Executioner x3
800 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 30 4 ×Icon-boost-monster-generic  Super Rare Monster Booster (Lvl. 30), 300 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 38 5 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 500 ×Icon-goldGold, 250 ×Icon-guild-marks Guild Marks
9 Normal 25
  • Orc Shaman x2
  • Orc Warrior
  • Black Fist Skirmisher x2
  • Iron Wall
  • Orc Warchanter
  • Orc x2
  • Giant Spider x3
15 ×Icon-adamantine Adamantine Bar
Hard 30 3 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone
Extreme 38 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 100 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP), 100 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP)
10 Normal 25
  • Iron Smasher x2
  • Triple Ballista
  • Orc x2
  • Orc Warrior x4
  • Orc Scout
  • Troll
  • Orc Shaman
  • Orc Warchanter
4 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 20 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP)
Hard 30 6 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 250 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 38 3 ×Icon-boost-defense-generic  Rare Defense Booster (Lvl. 40), 2 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 100 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP)
11 Normal 27
  • Plague Demon x2
  • Necromancer x2
  • Vile Assassin x2
  • Lesser Demon
  • Vile Priest
  • Vampiric Zombie x3
  • Vampire
100 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP)
Hard 32 350 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP), 200 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 40 LV.25 Vampiric Zombie, 750 ×Icon-goldGold
12 Normal 28
  • Goblin x2
  • Goblin Magus x3
  • Orc Scout
  • Orc Warrior
  • Frozen Blood Conjurer x2
  • Orc Warchanter
  • Orc
  • Battle Ogre x2
  • Firebreather
  • Goblin Trickster
  • Lightning Blaster
  • Chill Turret
750 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 33 LV.30 Frozen Blood Conjurer
Extreme 41

2 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 200 ×Icon-food Food, 150 ×Icon-guild-marks Guild Marks

13 Normal 29
  • Dark Fanatic x2
  • Covenant Guardian x4
  • Vile Assassin
  • Covenant Witch
  • Corrupted Inquisitor x3
  • Covenant Assassin x2
  • Razor Wall
10 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map
Hard 34 5 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 150 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP)
Extreme 42 2 ×Icon-boost-armor-generic  Rare Armor Booster (Lvl. 30), 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-common Common Battle Chest, 1 ×Icon-key Key
14 Normal 30
  • Orc Warrior x6
  • Orc Warchanter x2
  • Orc x3
  • Orc Scout x5
  • Iron Wall x3
  • Orc Shaman
6 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 320 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP)
Hard 35 5 ×Icon-arcane Arcane Shards, 1 ×Icon-celestial Celestial Orb
Extreme 44 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1000 ×Icon-goldGold, 100 ×Icon-guild-marks Guild Marks
15 Normal 32
  • Goblin x3
  • Iron Wall
  • Orc Scout x3
  • Black Fist Skirmisher x2
  • Armored Troll
  • Black Fist Evoker
  • Battle Ogre x3
  • Frozen Blood Executioner
  • Frozen Blood Conjurer
  • Orc Warrior x3
  • Orc Shaman
  • Goblin Trickster
  • Orc
  • Amazon
  • Orc Warchanter
  • Goblin Magus
LV.30 Demonic Leather
Hard 38 LV.30 Smoking Mace, 250 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 46 5 ×Icon-boost-weapon-generic  Super Rare Weapon Booster (Lvl. 30), 50 ×Icon-gem Gems, 3 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone
16 Normal 40
  • Black Fist Enforcer x6
  • Frozen Blood Hero x3
  • Black Fist Skirmisher x3
  • Frozen Blood Executioner x2
  • Black Fist Evoker x2
40 ×Icon-mystical-essence Mystical Essence
Hard 46 10 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 3,000 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 56 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-celestial Celestial Orb, 6,000 ×Icon-goldGold
17 Normal 50
  • Black Fist Enforcer x4
  • Black Fist Evoker x4
  • Frozen Blood Hero x4
  • Black Fist Skirmisher x4
  • Frozen Blood Executioner x3
  • Barbarian
2 ×Icon-celestial Celestial Orb, 5,000 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 57 5 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 8 ×Icon-arcane Arcane Shards, 10,000 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 68 3 ×Icon-soul-stone-generic Barbarian Soul Stone, 1 ×Icon-voidVoid Cores, 15,000 ×Icon-goldGold


  • additionally to below: If you survive with Cleric, Barbarian, Druid and Palading as tank up to the last round, the Paladin's Avenge makes the final boss go down before you can really have a look at it's nice hat.

Stages 16 and 17 for players below level 55 Edit


Warmaster Blackguard


Hero Equipment Skills
Barbarian Ambusher's Hacker, Vest of the Flayer Bear's Strength, Leaping Strike, Turtle Shell, Hawk's Speed, Ward
Warmaster Ambusher's Hacker, Chainskin Battle Fury, Call to Arms, Heavy Bash, Commanding Aura, Shield of Discipline
Blackguard Bloodletter, Strength of Legend Double Swing, Tendril of Shadow, Vicious Strike, Find Weakness, Hell's Bulwark
Druid Abjurer's Staff of Protection, Great Wyrm Hide Entangle, Invigor, Renewal, Essence of Nature, Heart of the Wild

Some important tips to note for stage 17:

  • Bring a high-level (preferably Epic) Immune potion, Revive potion, and Rage potion. Save these for the fourth wave, because you'll need them.
  • The first few cycles will be spent simply using Shield Tactics and Rapid Regeneration in order to keep yourself alive. Don't worry about damage just yet; simply maintain your defense and health until your soul energy gain starts going up a bit. As usual, always invigor Warmaster whenever possible.
  • Once your rate of soul energy increases sufficiently, you can start using Soul Rends against the enemies. To minimize the threat of Cleanse, it's best to wait until your Warmaster uses Call to Arms, and then first use Baleful Glare, then Soul Rend. If executed correctly this should knock a huge chunk of health off the enemy.
  • Since this strategy has no room for Cleric, it is of utmost importance that you don't let any heroes die in the first three waves (remember, the potions must be saved). If at ANY point a hero falls in battle, the run is finished and you must start over. Don't worry, there will eventually be a point where RNG falls in your favor and you'll make it through.
  • Keep in mind that Entangle and Vicious Strike are in the skill lineup (this is mainly to help out against the Barbarian in the last wave). There WILL be several Cleanses used to counter them, so keep this in mind when playing. Often times it is best to redirect Entangle to a less dangerous enemy (like a Frozen Blood Hero) to avoid giving an unnecessary attack buff to a problematic enemy.
  • The Frozen Blood Executioners are increasing their attack, once you hit them. This can get very high (++30,000 attack) over time. Just like the Wizards in the Wizard Tower, there seems to be an variable overflow at 32,768 attack. So when the FBE has reached this ++30,000 value and tries to enlarge attack again, it will go to 21,200 (minus twenty-one thousand something), a really weak negative attack value. So it can be wise to spare a Baleful Glare and use it to force the FBE to negative attack values, just before it attacks (e.g. FBE has ++30,000 attack, you see it's attack coming in list, you use Baleful Glare, FBE attack goes down to –21,000, and it is quite weak, instead of dealing 600+ damage to you with one hit).
  • For the first wave, wipe out the Black Fist Enforcers and then the Black Fist Skirmisher. Attacking the last two enemies takes a lot of care and precision to avoid the Frozen Blood Hero 1-shotting your Blackguard with a superpowered Great Slash. To best increase the chance of surviving, hit him a few times with strong attacks (maybe 10-15 times or so) and then switch over to a different target. This way you can space out the damage and give yourself time to heal back before the next slash. Once the hero's reached a low enough health to kill him before he attacks again, unleash hell on him with your attacks. Try to end the stage with as close to full health and soul energy as possible.
  • For the second wave, take out one of the Enforcers first to alleviate damage received, then the Frozen Blood Executioner in the front. Ray of Enfeeblement is not a problem as long as it doesn't hit Blackguard--if it does, it'll be a bit frustrating to keep going until it wears off, but don't worry. Just use your Shield and Regen skills as much as possible until your Blackguard is ready to deal full damage again. Once the first two enemies are dead, you should have no problems removing the other backline enemies as long as you don't allow Great Slash to be fed too much.
  • In the third wave, first take out one of the Black Fist Evokers, then a Black Fist Skirmisher. The two Frozen Blood Heroes in the front can be problematic for reasons stated above, so to minimize the problem, try to space out the damage from melee attacks between the two of them, and ensure that all ranged attacks hit the backline. Once the Heroes are down, you won't have too much more to worry about except being at full health and soul energy at the end of the battle.
  • If you've made it all the way to the fourth and final stage, congratulations, but prepare yourself for a tough final battle. The Barbarian has no Cleanse, so feel free to spam Baleful Glare to reduce defense and Soul Rend to deal damage. Keep using Shield Tactics as well. The first few cycles should be fairly okay, but as the fight progresses the Barbarian will only become more and more powerful. Give Blackguard your rage potion to increase your damage. When your Blackguard gets to dangerously low health, use your Immune potion on him. Use Revive on Blackguard, Warmaster, or Druid if any of them fall (Barbarian is not as much of a priority). If everything goes in your favor, you should be able to take out the Barbarian and walk away victorious!

Alternative strategies for stages 16, 17 (for level 55s) Edit

Hero Equipment Skills
Blackguard Piercing Blade, Dreadplate (or better) Double Swing, Shadow Shroud, Tendril of Shadow, Deadliness, Find Weakness
Barbarian King's Hammer, Living Leather Bear's Strength, Leaping Strike, Turtle's Shell, Hawk's Speed, Ward
Warmaster King's Hammer, Chainskin (or better) Battle Fury, Call to Arms, Heavy Bash, Commanding Aura, Shield of Valor
Cleric King's Hammer, Keldi's Raiment Cleanse, Powerful Heal, Righteous Call, Charismatic Leader, Healer
  • Use Blackguard or Barbarian as tank.
  • Target Black Fist Evoker first then Frozen Blood Executioner
  • Use Blackguard and Barbarian soul skill right before Tendril of Shadow or Leaping Strike to increase the damage of the attacks before Cleanse gets rid of the debuffs.
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