Thief's Quest is a bonus hero campaign featuring the Thief hero. Its rewards are primarily gold, along with several Catacombs Maps.

 Campaign Properties Edit

Thief's Quest consists of 9 missions.

The player must field the Thief in their party.

Missions Edit

Thief's Quest 1

level 5/7/11


  • 2x|0x|0x Goblin
  • 1x|1x|2x Bandit Cutthroat
  • 0x|1x|1x Ogre
  • 0x|1x|1x Orc Shaman
  • 0x|1x|1x Bandit Leader

Treasure Chest

  • 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 200 ×Icon-goldGold
  • 300 ×Icon-goldGold
  • 400 ×Icon-goldGold

Thief's Quest 2

level 7/10/14


  • 1x|0x|1x Skeletal Mage
  • 1x|3x|0x Zombie
  • 1x|0x|1x Skeletal Archer
  • 0x|0x|1x Giant Zombie

Treasure Chest

Thief's Quest 3

level 10/13/18


  • 2x|0x|1x Plague Zombie
  • 2x|0x|0x Goblin Mages
  • 0x|3x|0x Orc Scout
  • 0x|1x|2x Orc Warrior
  • 0x|0x|2x Bandit Lord

Treasure Chest

  • 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 500 ×Icon-goldGold
  • 600 ×Icon-goldGold
  • 750 ×Icon-goldGold

Thief's Quest 4

level 15/19/25


  • 1x|0x|0x Frozen Blood Executioner
  • 1x|0x|0x Frozen Blood Veteran
  • 1x|0x|0x Frozen Blood Conjurer
  • 0x|4x|0x Giant Spider
  • 0x|1x|0x Ogre Spirittalker
  • 0x|0x|2x Ogre Brute 2
  • 0x|0x|1x Black Fist Evoker

Treasure Chest

Thief's Quest 5

level 20/24/31


  • 2x|0x|0x Ogre Brute
  • 1x|0x|1x Undead Warlord
  • 0x|3x|0x Troll
  • 0x|2x|1x Bandit Marksman
  • 0x|0x|2x Mountain Giant

Treasure Chest

  • 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1000 ×Icon-goldGold
  • 1250 ×Icon-goldGold
  • 1500 ×Icon-goldGold

Thief's Quest 6

level 28/33/41


  • 1x|0x|0x Covenant Witch
  • 1x|0x|0x Covenant Guardian
  • 1x|0x|0x Covenant Assassin
  • 0x|3x|0x Dark Fanatic
  • 0x|0x|3x Corrupted Inquisitor
  • 0x|0x|1x battle Ogre

Treasure Chest

Thief's Quest 7

level 35/41/50


  • 2x|0x|2x Ghoul
  • 1x|0x|1x Evil Acolyte
  • 1x|0x|1x Corrupted Inquisitor
  • 0x|3x|0x Black Fist Enforcer
  • 0x|1x|1x Lesser Lich

Treasure Chest

  • 2 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 2000 ×Icon-goldGold
  • 2500 ×Icon-goldGold
  • 3000 ×Icon-goldGold

Thief's Quest 8

level 45/52/62


  • 1x|0x|0x Demonic Watcher
  • 0x|3x|0x Ghoul
  • 0x|3x|0x Vampire Lord
  • 0x|0x|2x Plague Demon
  • 0x|0x|1x Putrid Hulk
  • 0x|0x|1x Vile Priest
  • 0x|0x|1x Corrupted Inquisitor

Treasure Chest

Thief's Quest 9

level 55/62/74


  • 3x|0x|1x Lesser Demon
  • 1x|0x|1x Vicious Overseer
  • 0x|2x|1x Dark Fanatic
  • 0x|2x|1x Vile Assassin
  • 0x|1x|1x Demonic Watcher
  • 0x|0x|1x Black Fist Evoker

Treasure Chest

  • 3 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 5000 ×Icon-goldGold
  • 6000 ×Icon-goldGold
  • 7000 ×Icon-goldGold


Out of all the bonus missions, this is one of the easiest. No enemies have been amplified with higher stats or new skills, and levels will only be troublesome for lower-level players or for badly equipped heroes.

For a team, you can easily get by with Cleric and Warmaster accompanying Thief on the back line with either Paladin or Knight as the tank. Common sense should be a good guide for the team; use Cleric's healing skills (Righteous Call should work fine), have Thief be your principal damage dealer (Ambusher's Hacker with Vest of the Flayer), and be sure Warmaster uses Battle Fury and Call to Arms.

For the tank, Knight should opt for defense over offense. He can make good use of the Perfect Katana, given that it's well suited for either offense or defense. For active skills, Threaten and Sunder are highly recommended with Parry a good third spot holder. Don't use Punish; it has a longest cooldown of his skills. If the enemy is really wailing on them, use Inspiration followed by Shield Tactics to bolster defenses.

As for Paladin, Moon Mace should be his weapon of choice, seeing as he doesn't make good use of attack stats. Holy Shield, Avenge and Block should be his go-to skill roster, although if Paladin is chosen, the enemy can still hit the back row without a taunt. This will be problematic for lower level players at fighting later stages, especially with the final stage's second round. Its back line consists of two Vile Assassins and a Demonic Watcher, and while the assassins will undoubtedly target the Cleric given her low health, Threaten from the Knight will divert all other ranged attacks from her while she heals herself, a window of opportunity missing with the Paladin.


  • It's the campaign with the best gold farming, with 50,000 gold total in the chests.
  • It's the only bonus campaign with no altering of enemy skills.
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