Thousand Barbs is a Tier 3 Epic Two Handed Stabbing weapon. It is preceded by the Tier 3 Epic Grand Spear Of Vigilance.


One barb for each enemy slain by this vicious poleaxe.

Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Damage
57 57 82 370
65 65 90 422
70 70 95 455
75 75 100 487

Special Properties Edit

  • 20% Faster cooldown to all skills
  • -25% Magic Resistance
  • +10% Armor Penetration
  • -75 HP every 3 turns

Crafting componentsEdit


Components needed
Min Level + Hardwood icon
Steel bar icon
Mystical essence icon
Adamantine bar icon
Arcane shard icon
Celestial orb icon
Void core icon
Max Level 57+ Hardwood icon 791 Steel bar icon 659 Mystical essence icon 352 Adamantine bar icon 264 Arcane shard icon 322 Celestial orb icon 72 Void core icon 23


This weapon is the best 2 handed stabbing weapon for damage dealing. It can deal high damage on both spear users, particularly the Cavalier since he can increase his own attack, countering the low attack stat. The armor penetration and fast cooldowns allow a Valiant Flurry to do massive amounts of damage, even against heroes with epic armor. Amazon will not do much damage on her own with the weapon, but will quickly kill frontlines with low armor such as a Necromancer. It can also be paired with armor reduction such as a Knight which will allow stronger tanks to go down faster.

However, the weapon comes with one of the worst defensive penalties of any weapon in the game with a huge -25% magic resistance and 75 hp self damage every 3 turns. This can be partially negated with a Plate of Undeath(increasing magic resistance) or Living Leather (counters hp degeneration unless hero is under 75 hp). This means that heroes with this weapon should be well defended, with a taunt on a different hero and/or good defensive party buffs for those who want to create this weapon power.

Note: Amazon will make the taunting hero particularly difficult to kill if you run Cover Allies, but the buffs and taunt can still be dispelled. Debuffing heroes such as a Samurai will also help.

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