Thunderstorm Staff

The Thunderstorm Staff is a tier 1 epic staff. It is preceded by the Rod of Ruin, and succeeded by the White Staff of Viarus.


  • Blacksmith: 40
  • Alchemist: 43
  • Engineer: 38


It seems to be an improved version of Rod of Ruin, with all stats of attack, defense and damage power far above its predecessor, as well as having good properties as well, such as having a 1.5% critic chance, 5% soul energy so start your team loaded to attack, plus a boost of 100 health, 25% of lightning resistance, 15% of fire resistance and its type of damage is also made of lightning.

But despite these high stats, it is still not as powerful as Rod of Ruin in that it has the advantage of having double damage by having two types of elemental damage and more physical damage, while the Thunderstorm Staff has normal damage by having only one type of elemental damage and the basic physical damage. In addition many heroes and monsters have strong resistance to thunder type, which would make their attacks much weaker. And its defensive power is unfortunately much weaker than Nature's Offering, where although its defense is much greater than Nature, but the properties of the other weapon are much larger and even extra armor unlike this, which makes it doubtful whether it is worth graphing this weapon.

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