Tooth of the Lost God it's the first weapon of the class Super Rare in which one can graph, for the class One Handed Hacking.

TotLG Recipe

About Tooth of the Lost GodEdit

Tooth of the Lost God until he has good attack points and good damage. He also has a bit of defense in this weapon, as well as offering you many special properties, including 3% critical chance, 3% dodge, more 90 extra life, plus some small light and poison resistance.

Certainly a very offensive weapon, but also with good defensive points and also increases your evasiveness when you receive an attack, being able to be used by most of the heroes, less by the Paladin because he already has a very strong defense and resistance and has an ability to counter attack requiring your opponent to hit you and the Warmaster for not being able to take advantage of your attack power and your defense is very ineffective.

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