Welcome to tower keepers. This game is a few boring on start but then it's great. These parts are full book.

Tutorial: Edit

At lvl 1 you start on tutorial that someone is going to take your tower, then you will see scrools that you will learn how to apply/upgrade them. Each scrool got different strenghs.

You will go then at shop that already gives pirate for free. He's good to upgrade and lvl up him.. i mean to apply him training points and gain lvls. You will saw some green stones, they're soulstones that you get great stats from each lvl but they're going more expensive to find more of them. At first stage, you will learn how to use soul skills (abilities) and they're very usefull. Make sure that you lvl up your best heroes that are also good for other campaigns later because if you lvl up all heroes toghether you will get bored easily.

Just keep playing stages, at lvl 10 you will meet a very easy boss that is trivial, Korgan. Make sure that you lvl up all heroes or you will get killed. If you're connected to ur account you will have got already 5 soulstones for cleric so promote him. Then you can start playing hero campaigns.

This time the book was small :)) it continues At Tower keepers gameplay Part 2

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