Tower Keepers is a deep and strategic free to play Auto-RPG by NinjaKiwi that utilizes an automated battle system in which you put up to 4 Heroes against groups of vicious enemies.

The game itself has an energy system - You own a feast hall which constantly provides your heroes with food, which you use each time you enter a level. The more heroes you send out, the more food is used. The feast hall is upgradeable, with production and storage of food able to be increased. The decision is yours whether you utilize your food strategically by sending out a few competent heroes for easier missions, or go all out to conquer those harder scuffles.

You can download Tower Keepers for IOS or android for free.


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Patch Notes

Change log for latest Version 2.0.1

A small yet important update General

  • Boss Portal ‘attacks’ counter has been corrected
  • Hero Battles ‘cancel’ button no longer displays once a match is found
  • Hero Battles Network Errors should no longer pop up frequently
  • Visuals for new items have been corrected on Kongregate and Ninja Kiwi builds
  • Some icons clipping through menus fixed on Kongregate and Ninja Kiwi builds
  • Battle Priest’s Theologian passive has been fixed
  • Festival Events will no longer display blank rewards after being collected


  • The following items received improvements:
    • Wrath of the Mountain
    • Iron Rose
    • Accursed Spark
    • Muramasa
    • Eye of Chaos
    • Soul Cage
    • Plate of Undeath
    • Ambusher’s Hacker

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