Welcome back to wiki! If you won the bandit lord you got the sorceress that you will need for Sorceress' Adventure.

Now you can continue to the poisoned well that contains 18 stages, last boss will be Marull, necromancer. Don't craft common and uncommon to help u because you can craft rares later.

Stages: Edit

At first stage you will see 3 rounds instead 2. Then you will meet these pink monsters, plagued demons that can make large damage without shadow resist.

At 16 stage as example you will meet group. Make sure that you got Warlock or other hero that can attack group or you will get killed.

Boss: Edit

At last stage you will meet the Marull necromancer that can someone plagued zombies. When one of his ally is killed he will spawn a zombie. Kill these plagued demons first because they got high damage dot!

Warlock is good for this campaign because she deals a lot of damage and if Marull hit her can absorb enough damage with shadow wall, a passive skill.

Towers and hero battles: Edit

At lvl 10 you unlock towers that will be very useful for gold farming. You can also place hero to take soulstones and scrolls if you successfully defend one attack or wait 24 hours.

At this point 10-15 lvl, a good defense is to put mage in back line with 2 cannons and 3 good tanks in front of.

At hero battles you will fight online or with wizard chosen if you don't want online. But needs internet to play both of them. When you play for first time you will see lvl 12 or better. Just put knight in front of and 3 damage dealers back or a healer with 2 damage dealers.

Every time you win you will got a chance to get chests that they need battle keys from dally reward or from guild. They're rewards are good amount of gold, skill points, training points, and sometimes a few gems.

At third chest, epic battle chest, can give 2k guild marks (guild marks are for help guild) much gold, 20 gems sometimes, many skill points along with training points and some soul stones for heroes.

Ninja and paladin: Edit

Paladin can be obtained from 10 successfully raids on tower attacks. He can't be found on shop before unlock. Ninja same, he needs 50 successfully raids on tower attacks. both of them are powerful for campaign. For obtain ninja at lvl 17-18, you need to play only tower attacks. But you can play PVE every time you want and unlock both of them.

Goodluck with boss :). Game play continues at next part. Tower keepers gameplay part 3

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