Triple Ballista

Rarity Rare
Machine Type: Damage Dealer

"Take 3 ballistas, combine. Fire."

Value Value
Armor 10% Fire resist 0%
Ice resist 0% Lightning resist 0%
Poison resist 0% Light resist 0%
Shadow resist 0% Stun resist 0%


The Triple Ballista can be crafted using cheap crafting components and a small amount of gold. The cost scales the more you upgrade your artisans.


  • Shoot: Deals physical damage (Ranged)
  • Triple Shot: Deals physical damage three times (Ranged)


  • As a ranged damage dealer, the Triple Ballista is more effective when placed behind tanks and warriors, providing some ranged attacks to pick off targets.
  • Its Triple Shot skill allows it to inflict devastating damage especially against low-armor attackers. Be wary that all three shots can still be dodged, and can be in trouble when used against Swashbuckler with Riposte passive.
  • It has high attack, but poor defense with little armor and no resistances.
  • All of its skills deal physical damage, meaning attackers with high armor can reduce its damage output.
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