"Arrows from this bow are guided by ancient power"

Trueshot is a Tier 2 Epic bow. It is preceded by the Tier 1 Epic String of Gods.

Base Stats Edit

Level 56 60 65 70 75
Attack 179 240
Defense 44 60
Damage 100 134

Special Properties Edit

  • +3.0% Crit chance
  • +25% Crit damage
  • +5.0% Dodge
  • -50.0% Enemy dodge
  • Damage type: True Damage

Strategy Edit

The Trueshot is an offensive bow, better used on the Ranger than on the Archer. Archer will benefit from the crit boost but the added damage will not be affected by Take Aim, which is needed for most archer builds. Also Ranger's Target Weakness does not affect the True Damage. However, adding true damage can still benefit an archer using a quick shot build and the stats are high enough for true attacks to outdamage a String of Gods or Wraithwind Bow. This is especially prominent with the Demon's Skin, as it provides a level 5 variant of Archer's Sharper Reflexes, reducing his Quick Shot cooldown by 20%, which can combine with his normal version to allow him to have a 60% reduction, allowing him to repeatedly get the bonus true damage off. Nonetheless, the damage on these attacks will not improve as much as it will on a ranger since she does not rely on damage buffs and does not do true damage.

The Trueshot has a bonus damage type of True Damage, one of only three weapons to do so (the others being the Graymarrow Wand and Eye of Chaos). As such, the bonus damage can never be reduced through resistances, making it especially useful in PvP. It should be paired with other ranged damage/support such as Necromancer, Barbarian, or Valkyrie. The -50% enemy dodge also ensures that every hit will land, with the only exceptions being Blackguard under the effect of Shadow Shroud or other enemies with feint.

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