Undead Warlord

Level ??? (Min), 45 (Max)
Rarity: Epic
Type: Warrior
Armor: 30%
Fire resist: 20%
Ice resist 20%
Lightning resist 0%
Poison resist 0%
Light resist 0%
Shadow resist 0%
Stun resist 40%
Undead Warlord is an Epic Warrior type monster



  • Great slash
  • Slash
  • Lightning Bolt
Undead Warlord Status Max


Having more attack, health and defense than most forms of other skeleton the Undead warlord is comparably better to its other skeletal counterparts.

Because they are epic monsters, they are difficult to get as drops and are usually going to be find around campaigns 3 or 4. With their rarity they do not put up much to show for it in higher levels, due to lackluster abilities and low overall stats. they are more or less used for a trophy.

A level 80 Undead Warlord can be obtained from the limited All Hallow's Eve campaign's 12th level on extreme

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