"This small blackened wand emanates diabolic evil"

Unholy Wand is the second Rare Wand weapon, obtainable via Crafting and the Catacombs. It is preceded by the Rare Serpent's Wand and succeeded by the Rare Forgotten Wand.

Special Properties Edit

  • +1.5% Crit chance
  • +25% Light resistance
  • Damage type: Shadow

Base Stats Edit

Level 30 35 40 45 50 55
Attack 48 56 64 72 80 88
Defense 36 42 48 54 60 66
Damage 41 47 53 59 65 71
Unholy Wand recipe

About Unholy WandEdit

Unholy Wand is a decent weapon for Warlock in the early game. It will give her a sizeable boost in damage and allow you to clear PvE content faster. She will probably keep this weapon until Wand of Endless Suffering is unlocked at level 45 (unless you get Fiery Death as a reward from Dragon's Hoard or Zaluss the Demolisher).

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