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"The fire of Yreth will purge this land!" - Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is a epic hero in Tower Keepers. She uses One Handed Stabbing weapons and Chain armor.


Warrior: An angelic warrior who is at home in the thick of battle.

Base status Edit

Armor % Fire resist %
Dodge % Poison resist %
Critical chance % Stun resist %
Initiative 1.7


Soul SkillEdit

  • Melt Armor: Deal fire damage to a single target, increased by target's armor.

Active SkillsEdit

  • Blade Thrust: Deal physical damage to a single target.
  • Angelic Volley: Deal range lightning damage to a row.
  • Shield of Yreth: Gain bonus health, Valkyrie attacks deal bonus fire damage briefly.
  • Righteous Bolt: Deal range lightning damage to a single target.
  • Light of Yreth: Gain soul energy.

Passive SkillsEdit

  • Wrath of Fire: Increased stun, fire and lightning resistance. Stun, fire and lightning attackers receive fire damage.
  • Wild Storm: Increase all lightning damage dealt by Valkyrie.
  • Fire of Yreth: When Valkyrie dies or is resurrected, deal fire damage to all enemies.


The Valkyrie is considered the Jack-Of-All-Trades hero since there isn't a real niche with using her in a team. If used in the tank spot, it's recommended to run Fire of Yreth skill on her. Once she dies, you gain a lot of soul energy from the damage that her passive does, and once she gets revived, you get another burst of soul energy, which can be helpful at times when you need on-command soul energy.

Blade Thrust is useful early on when the boosts from Wild Storm aren't that great. Once you get them up to mid-level, it gets outclassed by Righteous Bolt.

Angelic Volley is a great skill to use for sniping the back line, and with Shield of Yreth, it's quite a good combo. Light of Yreth gives a large amount of soul energy when leveled up.

Wrath of Fire works best in a tower that has a lot of enemies that do stun, fire and/or lightning damage, such as Black Fist Evokers, Demonic Watchers, or heroes like Mage, Ninja, Sorceress, Spellsword, and Archmage. Wrath of Fire also is very beneficial in PVP (especially endgame) as a counter to stun-based teams, especially against Ninjas using Poison Smoke Bomb.

Her Melt Armor soul skill is tricky as it's reliant on two of an enemy's resistances instead of one. Obviously, higher armor will increase her damage, but fire resistance will hinder this. Enemies like Covenant Witches that have little armor yet high fire resistance will not be as affected as heavily-armored, fire-prone enemies like Battle Ogres. Furthermore, enemy armor buffs like Hard To Kill or Gaseous Form or party member magic debuffs like Howl will be advantageous to the Valkyrie, and armor debuffs like Vicious Strike will not help her maximize her damage.

Strategy Edit

Because Valkyrie has the highest dodge of any hero without passives or equipment (10%). she can be a decent tank. It's like she got a permanent (albeit weaker) Zen State from Monk. If you give her a Dark Defender, then at 4 stars she will got around 700 defense with a good chain armor and at least lvl 40.

First, Valkyrie isn't so good because of low defense but after 4 stars, Valkyrie can make huge damage. For example, she's instant-killed, but because of Fire of Yreth, she deals a lot damage to all enemies and when Templar/Cleric resurrects her, she again deals the same damage to all enemies and gives a lot soul energy at the same time. At late game, Wild Storm is good as it will increase the lightning damage dealt by a decent amount, but if you decide to play tanky, DON'T put Wild Storm and use the others instead (unless there aren't any stun/lightning/fire attackers on a campaign).

When at a stage of a campaign got mostly fire/lighting/stun attackers it's best to put wrath of fire and valkyrie at front slots (to be tank). When stage got demonic watchers, black fist evokers, demonologist, ghouls, vampires, putrid hulk, vampire lord and armored troll, then valkyrie is recommended as it will make good damage to these enemies counter-attacking them and because of melt armor soul skill, she can increase the damage by more than 35%!


  • Valkyrie has the highest dodge in the game (10%) without buffs and skills.
  • She uses only Blade thrust for physical attacks and other skills are using fire/lightning that deal more damage.
  • She's one of the hardest heroes to earn because you need 200 kreds on kongerate, 200 ninja coins on ninja kiwi, $24.99 on mobile or 2500 gems. Battle Priest is the other hero that requires gems or NK coins.


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