Level ??? (Min), 70 (Max)
Rarity: Super Rare
Type: Damage Dealer
Fire Resist: 10%
Ice Resist: 10%
Lightning Resist: 25%
Poison Resist: 20%
Light Resist: 0%
Shadow Resist: 30%
Stun: 25%
Vampire is a super rare class monster being found in few campaigns in the game.
Vampire Status



  • Swift strike
  • Charm person
  • Vampiric strike


He is a very formidable foe, with very high health with good armor as well as having a slight resistance to various spells as well, less to the magic of light. It can also drain a bit of life from the opponent to heal himself, being almost as strong and resilient as the Vampire Lord.

And because of its high stamina and stunning, it is very good to be combined in the tower defense with Blackguard, and can be used in the most advanced Stages in Witch and Berserker hero campaigns.

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