Vampire Lord Status Max

Vampire Lord is an Epic monster, obtainable via a random drop or All Hallow's Eve.



  • Swift Strike: Deals X Damage
  • Gaseous Form: Increases Armor by X% temporarily
  • Vampiric Strike: Deals X Damage and and heals self (by X health)
  • Regenerate (Passive): Heals X Damage every 3 actions

Base StatsEdit


Vampire Lord can be quite a struggle to defeat at early levels due to its high stats, maxed armor from Gaseous Form, and ability to regenerate health. Firstly, it's crucial to have a good tank, such as Knight or Blackguard. Then, bring one or two healers (Cleric and/or Druid) to stay alive. Finally, have a hero to debuff the Vampire Lord, like Barbarian, and a non-physical attacker like Mage if you still have room. There are many ways to defeat this monster, but using Defense debuffs is likely the simplest.

As your Keeper Level increases, Vampire Lord becomes no problem to defeat except in special circumstances. If you manage to find one for yourself, it can be used as a temporary element in a stall floor involving Amazon, but Shikar outclasses it completely, so it's not worth keeping around forever.

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