Vampire Thrall

Level 25 (Min), 60 (Max)
Rarity: Common
Type: Tank
Fire Resist: 0%
Ice Resist: 0%
Lightning Resist: 0%
Poison Resist: 0%
Light Resist: 0%
Shadow Resist: 0%
Stun: 20%
Vampire Thrall‏‎ is a common class monster that is found in many campaigns, story mode and also in special campaigns for heroes, or Boss, or some other event.
Vampire Thrall Status



  • Slash
  • Wild Strike


Even though they are vampire class, they do not have any kind of protection against magic, even shadow. They are easily defeated against any hero with a medium level and good equipment.

Vampire Thrall also drops a lot when you are close to their guard level max, but their attacks and defenses are extremely low. However, they have a good life and also a great armor, being able to withstand enough physical attacks and can be used in the first Stages of the Witch and Berserker campaigns, but it is not very recommendable as a defender in the Tower, unless your level is below 50 and has torrents of ice to lessen the attacks of your opponents.

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