"Blades forged for the Vaunted Cult of Shadow."

Vaunted Shadow Blade is a Tier 3 Epic One Handed Slashing weapon. It is preceeded by the Tier 2 epic, Praetor's Righteousness, and succeeded by the Tier 3 epic, Muramasa.

Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Damage
55 165 82 147
60 180 90 160
65 195 97 172
70 210 105 185
75 (Max) 225 112 197

Special Properties Edit

  • +5.0% Crit chance
  • -20.0% Enemy dodge
  • +10% Magic resistance
  • +15% Shadow resistance
  • Damage Type : Shadow

Crafting componentsEdit

Components needed
Level 55+ Hardwood icon 382 Steel bar icon 636 Mystical essence icon 382 Adamantine bar icon 255 Arcane shard icon 201 Celestial orb icon 50 Void core icon 21


The best defensive option of its class, offering the same defense value as the Perfect Katana, and providing even greater defensive bonus with the magic and shadow resists (they actually add, so that your hero gains 25% total shadow resistance). This weapon works best on the Knight, offering even greater defensive value, and lowering the enemy's chances of dodging Sunder (same applies to Ninja's Poisoned Dart). Other heroes that can use this weapon can be somewhat fragile so this weapon can toughen them up a bit. (i.e Ninja vs Valkyrie). The bonus shadow damage actually helps Ninja to do more damage to Chill Turrets with his Poisoned Smoke Bomb when attacking towers. Do note that the bonus shadow damage will not be affected by damage bonuses (includes Kensai's Blade Meditation, Spellsword or Ninja's damage bonus passives, and Fighter's Bloodthirsty). The shadow damage element type also makes it USELESS against Zaluss the Demolisher so don't even think about crafting this for your dragon team.

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