"The Flayer was a savage beast with dreaded whip tentacles"

Vest of the Flayer recipe

Vest of the Flayer is a super rare Leather armor. It is preceded by Breastplate of the Beast and succeeded by Hero's Vest.

About Vest of the FlayerEdit

You may have lower Defense Statuses than your other Super Rare versions, but it's great for offensive armor, having bigger attacks than your other versions of Super Rare Leather, and its properties give a small pulse to your attacks, such as having 1% chance and crit damage, -5% enemy dodge and even increases your health a bit by 120 and give you 10% poison resistance, being used for extremely offensive type heroes the Berserker and Barbarian. That's why it's worth a lot to prioritize this armor, as long as you do not have enough level to create your epic versions.

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