Vestments is the first common armor for the Cloth class.

Special PropertiesEdit

No special properties.

Level Attack Defense Arm Special
9+ 0 8 2.5 +30 Health
40+ 0 35 4.0 +30 Health
Artisan Contribution
Blacksmith Alchemist Engineer
33% 67% 0%
Cost/Components Needed
Gold Hardwood Steel Bar Mystical Essence Adamantine Bar Arcane Shard Celestial Orb Void Core
1755 16 6 2 1 1 0 0

About VestmentsEdit

Being the first line of defensive cloth armor, she also has the worst defense and armor stats. Even if you maximize that armor, it will make almost no difference, and you can only withstand a few more beating.

And sadly, the cloth armor drop is just common class, so if you drop a Vestments, it's not worth just improving your stats, much less enchanting it, wait until you climb a few more level enough to create a Blessed Robes, where they can later join a Guild when you are also level enough, and if they are lucky they create the Raiment of Radiance so they have a much better defense for a long time on their journey.


The Vestments is the one that has the least requirement of components to be created, the most expensive being the wood consumption, being then perfect to create several Vestiments until completing the "achievements" of creating of armors.

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