Vile Assassin

Vile Assassin2
Level ??? (Min), 70 (Max)
Rarity: Uncommon
Type: Damage Dealer
Fire resist: 0%
Ice resist: 0%
Lightning resist: 0%
Poison resist: 35%
Light resist: 0%
Shadow resist: 40%
Stun resist: 0%

"Despicable shadow warriors, very high shadow resistance."

Vile Assassin is an Uncommon monster.

Notable Appearances Edit

Skills Edit

  • Sneak Attack: Always targets enemy with lowest current health. Deals X True Damage
  • Stab: Deals X Damage

Strategy Edit

When first encountering Vile Assassins, they are among the most dangerous enemies in the game due to their Sneak Attack, which can severely damage or kill your backline heroes. Sneak Attack always targets the hero with the least health; therefore, Cleric is especially vulnerable, as she has less max health than most other heroes. Often times, a Campaign or Catacombs run can immediately be lost by a Vile Assassin landing an unlucky hit or crit on Cleric, killing her instantly. One way to fix this problem is to use a taunting hero such as Knight to redirect Sneak Attack. In some cases it is also an option to force Cleric's health to be higher than the other heroes in the team. This can be done by equipping weaker gear pieces on other heroes, using heroes that are a lower level or lower star level than Cleric, or allowing heroes to take extra damage without healing the damage back.

Once a reasonably high Keeper Level (low-mid 40s) is reached, Vile Assassins are no longer a major threat anywhere in the game (with the possible exception of the modified ones in Spellsword's Crusade). However, one should still be prudent when facing missions or towers with Vile Assassins in them, since they can occasionally snipe your Cleric and snatch a win away from you if you are careless.

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