Vile Priest

Level ?? (Min), 55 (Max)
Rarity: Rare
Type: Support
Armor: 0%
Fire Resist: 15%
Ice Resist 15%
Lightning Resist 15%
Poison Resist 0%
Light Resist 50%
Shadow Resist 50%
Stun Resist 15%

"Servants of darkness. Can heal and buff allies."


Level Attack Defense Health Major Heal Beam of Light Dark Mist
Heal Ally for x-x Deal x-x Light Damage Increase Dodge of Allies by x% breifly
30 247 296 826 147-245 108-180 7.0%
55 420 474 1401 250-416 180-299 11.5%


Vile Priest Status Max
  • Major Heal: Heal ally for a large amount.
  • Beam of Light: Deal light damage (Ranged)
  • Dark Mist: Increase dodge of allies.


  • Vile Priest's Dark Mist skill allows his allies to dodge attacks more often. Allied monsters with the same skill will stack this effect, making it difficult to be taken down.
  • When Major Heal skill will replenish a single ally's health by a large amount although it has higher cooldown. Heroes with stun, freezing or cooldown-increasing skill can delay this.
  • Although lacking armor, Vile Priest has high light and shadow resistance. This means that heroes with light or shadow attack skills will have their damage potential decreased.


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