Volcanic Axe is a tire 2 super rare Two-Handed Hacking weapon.


Fire ripples across the blade of this huge axe.


Volcanic Axe recipe
  • Max Level: 55
  • Max Att: 143
  • Max Def: 0
  • Max Dmg: 82
  • +25% crit damage
  • +70 health
  • +15% fire resistance
  • Damage type: fire

About Volcanic AxeEdit

It seems to be an improved version of Bonesnap Maul as an offensive weapon, but because it is fire-type, it does not get much of the buff of Raging Shout from Berserker, even with a 25% increase in critical damage, the weapon will still generate much less damage, being only slightly better than Nature's Vengeance because of its lack of critical damage increase. However, when the Berserker has a low number of stars, the more damage it inflicts on enemies, the more damage it suffers. In addition to its level, several monsters have no resistance to fire damage, causing much more damage on them.

Anyway, it pays to create this weapon as long as your hero does not develop and has a very low level.

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