The Vorpal Warsword is a tier 1 epic one-handed slashing weapon. It is preceded by the super rare Perfect Katana, and succeeded by the tier 2 epic Praetor's Righteousness.

Stats Edit

Max level: 61

Max atc: 158 (+2.5 per lvl)

Max def: 54 (+0.9 per lvl)

Max dmg: 151 (+2.45 per lvl)


A stronger version of the Sword of Vengeance, but its attack still remains much lower, although its power of damage is much greater. Combined with its properties, it makes this weapon extremely deadly, with a 9% critical chance where one hit can cause a further 25% critical damage, with -1% foes' chance to dodge and still gives you an increase of 100 health.

It's definitely a weapon where your critical hits become deadly, even more so when Ninja and Kensai use it, thus annihilating the life of your opponents, so it is highly recommended to graph this weapon when you achieve achievements or sufficient level.

It's arguably worse damage-wise than a Praetor's Righteousness and completely gets outclassed by Muramasa. Early on, though, this is a highly offensive weapon, recommended for Ninja, Kensai and Spellsword.

Trivia Edit

  • During the first run of the guild boss, the random weapon drop from stage 10 was of Epic quality. However, since it was replaced with Super Rare instead afterwards, the Vorpal Warsword is the only Epic quality equipment obtainable outside of crafting, gained by completing a Gem Master festival event (by spending 35,000 gems during the event). Obtaining it through such also earns one at a significantly lower level than through crafting one, as it is only level 30 when gotten from the Gem Master event.
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