"Incalcuable magic was used to craft the first of these"
Wand of Annihilation recipe

Wand of Annihilation is a Super Rare Wand. It is preceded by the Rare Frozen Wand and succeeded by the Super Rare Fiery Death.

Stats Edit

Special Properties Edit

  • +5% Crit Chance
  • +30% Crit Damage


Wand of Annihilation is not nearly powerful enough to be of use. Its Attack and Damage stats are only marginally better than other previous weapons, and it doesn't have a bonus damage type. Its only special properties boost crit chance and crit damage by a mediocre amount, a bonus which none of the wand-using heroes can really take advantage of. It is not worth crafting this weapon and it would be wiser to stick with a bonus damage wand (such as Serpent's Wand or Unholy Wand) until Wand of Endless Suffering can be unlocked.

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