Warmaster Status temporary

"Onward! Onward to war! Glory in death! Warmaster's battlecry." - Warmaster

The Warmaster is a super rare hero in Tower Keepers. He uses One Handed Hacking weapons and Chain armor.


Support: A leader of soldiers who can inspire his allies to greatness.

Base status Edit

Armor % Fire resist %
Dodge % Poison resist %
Critical chance % Stun resist %
Initiative 1.6


Soul SkillEdit

  • Shield Tactics: Raises party's armor and defense briefly.

Active SkillsEdit

  • Wrathful Strike: Deals physical damage to a single target, more if Warmaster is below 30% health.
  • Heavy Bash: Deals physical damage to a single target.
  • Take Charge: Party receives bonus health.
  • Call To Arms: Reduces allies' skill cooldowns.
  • Battle Fury: Party deal more damage briefly.

Passive Skills Edit

  • Shield Of Discipline: Whenever Warmaster takes damage, increase all resists briefly.
  • Shield Of Valor: Whenever Warmaster takes damage, increase damage for next attack.
  • Commanding Aura: Increases all party resists and armor.


  • As a support hero, Call to Arms and Battle Fury are highly recommended as skills to use, due to their huge benefit in skill reduction and damage boosting, respectively, making healers able to recover the party faster and damage dealers to kill much faster. 
  • Despite being a support hero, Warmaster can be used as a tank and put in front in a 3:1 formation, due to his passive that boosts the entire party's magic and stun resists and armor, his passive that boosts his magic and stun resists even further every time he takes damage, and his soul skill to massively boost armor and defense.  
  • His soul skill boosts both armor (physical resistance) and defense. It is very effective at boosting a tank's ability to receive damage, and even more so when the damage is physical, due to doubly boosting physical resistance (directly and indirectly). It can also be used in a pinch of the frontline tank dies and the back three heroes are exposed to melee attacks.



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