Max Level: 60

Max Attack: 120

Max Defense: 150

Max Damage: 101


As an epic weapon, Wraithwind Bow has great upgrades to its previous Super Rare version, with attack, defense and extremely high damage power. Their properties are also very good, such as having -0.2 initiative to use their abilities, plus a critical 4% chance, a health increase of 150, and finally, 12% of resistance stun.

It is a perfect weapon to be used both by the Archer and both Ranger, for having his offensive and defensive powers to be very high. However, its other epic versions have much more attack power, and String of Gods even outweighs the defensive power of this weapon as of the 2.1 update. It's also worth noting that Ancient Longbow has more critical chances and great critical damage hits, which even goes beyond Wraithwind Bow's damage power, although it depends a lot on the luck to have those critical hits, contrary to this weapon that its damages are already high naturally. Overall, you're better off waiting to craft the next tier up, the String of Gods.

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