Wrath Of The Mountain is a Tier 3 Epic fist weapon.


Crafted by salamanders deep below a great volcano.

Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Damage
56 168 168 168

75 225 225 225

Special Properties Edit

  • +50% Crit damage
  • 15% Slower cooldown to all skills
  • Owl's Insight (20% chance for attacks to deal true damage)
  • Deadly Rage (attack increase by 50% while health is below 20%)
  • Reckless (increase crit chance by 14% but lower defense by 25%)
  • Wrath of the Sea (increase crit chance by 27.5% when below 50% health)

Crafting componentsEdit


Components needed
Min Level + Hardwood icon
Steel bar icon
Mystical essence icon
Adamantine bar icon
Arcane shard icon
Celestial orb icon
Void core icon
Max Level 56+ Hardwood icon 788 Steel bar icon 394 Mystical essence icon 482 Adamantine bar icon 350 Arcane shard icon 277 Celestial orb icon 55 Void core icon 25


The Wrath of the Mountain is a fist that is more meant for Shaman than Monk. Its slower skill cooldowns is detrimental to Monk, but Shaman has the Inherent Speed passive to counteract it. Owl's insight helps Shaman fully pierce all enemy resistances with his attacks, something Monk doesn't need due to Ki Strike, and checks differently for every target struck by Earthen Strike, making it so an enemy in back can be dealt true damage even when the front one isn't. Reckless, which boosts crit chance (which is a huge boost when combined with the +50% crit damage) but reduces defense is a huge inhibitor, due to not only reducing the weapon's own defense, but the currently equipped armour's defense, and the hero's base defense, and is a bad effect to have on Monk due to his ability to be a tank (although Zen State and Contemplation attempt to avert this with their defense boosts), but works well with this weapon due to Deadly Rage and Wrath of the Sea requiring a certain amount of health to be lost in order to take effect. Wrath of the Sea boosts critical chance even further when below a certain health threshold, making boosted crits occur quite often. Deadly Rage, which boosts attack by 50% when below 20% health, can take Shaman's already ludicrous attack stat to an absurd, nearly armour penetrating level.

That is why Wrath Of The Mountain should be top priority when you reach your max level to be bought, in case you use the Shaman heavily as your primary cause of damage.

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