Yuletide Spirits

Yuletide Spirits is a week-long special Campaign. It is available only during Christmas.

Campaign Properties Edit

You may bring up to 4 heroes in your formation. Although enemies in this campaign don't have any special properties, later missions throughout the campaign (starting at about mission 11, does not include mission 21) start having insanely high levels on enemies.

The campaign grants a variety of rewards, including catacomb maps, food, item boosters, gold, battle chests, and potions, along with other items. It is unique in the fact that it is the only campaign in the game to reward a Demonic Watcher, of which you get one at level 50 for completing mission 20 on extreme.

Missions Edit

Rewards Edit



1 Normal 1x Catacombs Map
Hard 1x Common Rage Potion, 1x Common Monster Booster lv. 10
Extreme 75 Skill Points, 150 Training Points, 750 Gold
2 Normal 5 Gems
Hard 1x Wizard Tower Ticket, 65 Food
Extreme 2x Portal Stone, 13x Steel Bar, 35 Artisan Points
3 Normal 1x Catacombs Map
Hard 1x Common Weapon Booster lv. 15, 1x Common Battle Chest
Extreme 1x Common Heal Potion, 80 Skill Points, 800 Gold
4 Normal 340 Training Points
Hard 5 Gems, 100 Food
Extreme 2x Portal Stone, 2x Wizard Tower Ticket, 50 Artisan Points
5 Normal 5x Mystical Essence
Hard 2x Catacombs Map, 1x Common Battle Chest
Extreme 1x Common Heal Potion, 1x Rare Monster Booster lv. 20, 1000 Gold
6 Normal 125 Skill Points
Hard 1 Common Resurrect Potion, 500 Training Points
Extreme 5 Gems, 2 Wizard Tower Tickets, 150 Food
7 Normal 110 Artisan Points
Hard 3x Portal Stone, 5x Adamantine Bar
Extreme 2x Catacombs Map, 1x Rare Weapon Booster lv. 30, 1x Common Battle Chest
8 Normal 1x Uncommon Soul Potion
Hard 160 Skill Points, 2200 Gold
Extreme 5 Gems, 800 Training Points, 210 Food
9 Normal 3x Wizard Tower Ticket
Hard 5x Portal Stone, 125 Artisan Points
Extreme 3x Catacombs Map, 1x Rare Battle Chest, 10x Adamantine Bar
10 Normal 1x Rare Armor Booster lv. 40
Hard 1x Uncommon Heal Potion, 185 Skill Points
Extreme 10 Gems, 1200 Training Points, 2700 Gold
11 Normal 300 Food
Hard 4x Wizard Tower Ticket, 150 Artisan Points
Extreme 4x Catacombs Map, 2x Gold Portal Stone, 1x Portal Stone, 5x Arcane Shard
12 Normal 1x Rare Weapon Booster lv. 45
Hard 1x Rare Battle Chest, 250 Training Points
Extreme 1x Rare Rage Potion, 1500 Training Points, 4000 Gold
13 Normal 10 Gems
Hard 4x Wizard Tower Ticket, 350 Food
Extreme 3x Gold Portal Stone, 2x Celestial Orb, 200 Artisan Points
14 Normal 1x Rare Battle Chest
Hard 1x Super Rare Armor Booster lv. 45, 4x Catacombs Map, 150 Guild Marks
Extreme 1 Rare Immune Potion, 600 Skill Points, 5000 Gold
15 Normal 3000 Training Points
Hard 600 Skill Points, 500 Food
Extreme 15 Gems, 5x Wizard Tower Ticket, 400 Artisan Points
16 Normal 1x Void Core
Hard 5x Catacombs Map, 1x Rare Battle Chest
Extreme 1x Super Rare Armor Booster lv. 45, 1x Rare Resurrect Potion, 4x Gold Portal Stone
17 Normal 6000 Gold
Hard 5x Catacombs Map, 5x Wizard Tower Ticket
Extreme 1x Super Rare Monster Booster lv. 50, 600 Artisan Points, 550 Food
18 Normal 6x Catacombs Map
Hard 650 Artisan Points, 7000 Gold
Extreme 1x Epic Armor Boost lv. 45, 6x Wizard Tower Ticket, 600 Food
19 Normal 6x Wizard Tower Ticket
Hard 1x Epic Weapon Booster lv. 50, 650 Food
Extreme 5x Catacombs Map, 700 Artisan Points, 8000 Gold
20 Normal 30 Gems, 1x Rare Battle Chest, 3x Gold Portal Stone, 4x Celestial Orb
Hard 40 Gems, 1x Rare Battle Chest, 4x Gold Portal Stone, 2x Void Core
Extreme 50 Gems, 1x Epic Battle Chest, 1x Demonic Watcher lv. 50, 25x Arcane Shard
21 Normal 1x Epic Resurrect Potion, 100 Gems, 1x Common Battle Chest, 10x Arcane Shard
Hard 1x Epic Heal Potion, 150 Gems, 1x Rare Battle Chest, 2x Celestial Orb
Extreme 1x Epic Rage Potion, 300 Gems, 1x Epic Battle Chest, 1x Void Core

Strategy Edit

General Tips: Edit

Due to the insanely high levels, enemies will have significantly higher Attack and Defense than you. Thus, the best way to counter is by using a stall team to buff yourself until your Attack and Defense reaches parity with theirs. Warmaster, Knight, and Paladin are incredibly valuable heroes to accomplish this goal, as they provide huge Attack and/or Defense buffs as well as other bonuses (extra speed, being an effective tank, etc.). Enemies will have high-damage ranged attacks that can critically damage or kill Cleric, so make sure to bring potions in the later stages to keep your Cleric safe. Resurrect potions are ideal, since they can bring back Cleric once she's already dead. Immune potions are also a favourable choice, since they can prevent a nasty crit before it even happens. To counteract the high defense, one can use Shaman and/or Blackguard, Shaman due to his Inner Power massively boosting his attack to normally excessive heights and Spirit Rage boosting it further (plus the damage boost), and Blackguard being an decent tank who can wear plate armour and possibly an epic-quality defensive weapon (Dark Defender, Iron Rose) if wanted, and his Find Weakness passive massively countering the huge defense from the excessively high levels of the enemies (at least for himself) due to reducing it by up to 70%. Barbarian can also help due to Baleful Glare reducing enemy defense by up to 45%, as can Necromancer with his Fear being a party-wide debuff against the enemies, reducing every single enemy's massive attack by up to 35%, and/or Ray of Enfeeblement being a single-target debuff that massively reduces a specific enemy's damage output by reducing its attack by up to 51.5% and natural excessively high skill damage by up to 35%, and makes it easier to kill the enemy and start targeting another by reducing defense by the same percentage as attack.

Stage 21: Edit


Warmaster Blackguard


Hero Equipment Skills
Druid Abjurer's Staff of Protection/Nature's Offering/Rod of Ruin, Great Wyrm Hide Entangle, Invigor, Renewal, Essence of Nature, Heart of the Wild
Warmaster Ambusher's Hacker, Chainskin Battle Fury, Call to Arms, Heavy Bash, Commanding Aura, Shield of Valor
Blackguard Dark Defender, Strength of Legend Double Swing, Tendril of Shadow, Vicious Strike, Find Weakness, Hell's Bulwark
Cleric Moon Mace, Dragonscale Cleanse, Quick Heal, Righteous Call, Charismatic Leader, Healer

Bring a high-level Resurrect potion, Immune potion, and Soul potion to aid you.

The first wave is one of the most difficult, so you may want to consider immediately using your Soul potion to get up an early Shield Tactics. Spam Shield Tactics and Rapid Regeneration, and then hold out as long as you can until your heroes start taking out one enemy at a time. Use Soul Rend only if you have excess soul energy and can still afford to use Shield and Regen afterward. Invigor Warmaster whenever possible, but otherwise, targeting is of relatively minor importance here.

The second wave is easy and should give you no problems at all as long as you aren't careless. Make sure to end the stage with full health, full soul energy, and recharged soul skills.

The third wave can be tricky, especially since Spellsword adds complications. Start by using Soul Rend on Amazon, and focus all ranged attacks on her until she dies. Samurai may interrupt this, though, due to Warrior's Challenge. Sadly, the only way you can really get around this is by brute forcing your way through Samurai first and then chasing after the other heroes. Once Samurai dies, your targeting order should be as follows: Amazon, Spellsword, Barbarian, Druid, Swashbuckler. As for the use of defensive soul skills, it is best to hold off on them lest Spellsword delete them immediately. Wait until after Dispel is used, and then use Shield and Regen. Once Spellsword dies, use soul skills to your heart's content, but just remember to have them at the ready once the last enemy dies.

The fourth wave will destroy you if you don't take out the priority target quickly: Kensai. Immediately direct all ranged attacks, including Soul Rend, towards Kensai. Similarly to the previous wave, Cavalier will forcibly distract you, so it's necessary to take him down as fast as possible in order to finish Kensai for good. This stage is where the Immune potion will come in handy, as it will allow Blackguard to survive one or two Perfect Strikes. Once Kensai dies, Shaman is the next most dangerous target. After Kensai and Shaman are off the field, you have very little to worry about.

The fifth and final stage may actually be the easiest of them all. Kill Templar first (because you have no other option), then Archmage; and after that there will be nothing left that the game has to stop you from winning.

Stage 20: Edit


Warmaster Paladin


Hero Equipment Skills
Druid Abjurer's Staff of Protection/Nature's Offering/Rod of Ruin, Vest of the Flayer/Great Wyrm Hide Entangle, Invigor, Renewal, Essence of Nature, Heart of the Wild
Warmaster Ambusher's Hacker, Chainskin Battle Fury, Call to Arms, Heavy Bash/Take Charge, Commanding Aura, Shield of Discipline/Shield of Valor
Paladin Ambusher's Hacker/Moon Mace, Strength of Legend Avenge, Block, Holy Shield, Conviction/Devoutness, Righteousness
Cleric Ambusher's Hacker/Moon Mace, Dragonscale Cleanse, Quick Heal, Righteous Call, Charismatic Leader, Healer

While Conviction is still a good choice for Paladin, he should use Devoutness instead if you can still clear the first wave without the extra magic resistance.

Before entering battle, ensure that Druid has lower health than Cleric. This can be accomplished by doing away with Staff of Protection and/or Great Wyrm Hide, as they provide health bonuses. The reason why is that the very first wave has two Vile Assassins that will delete your lowest health hero, and without any preparation, that hero will be Cleric. Thus it is of utmost importance that Druid takes the bullet in place of Cleric.

After you build up enough soul energy to bring Druid back, the first wave should have no major problems. Spam Shield Tactics and Rapid Regeneration until your heroes have thousands of defense and remain at almost full health at all time. From there it's a waiting game until Avenge picks off all enemies. It's best to Invigor Warmaster whenever possible, though you can also Invigor Paladin to bring more Avenges into circulation.

When entering stage 2, immediately use Bless on Cleric, then Shield Tactics. Constantly spam Bless on Cleric whenever possible so that she doesn't die at the hands of a critically fatal Cannonball from the Bombard. Devoutness makes this a lot better for you due to the considerable boost to Bless's potency, though you can still clear the stage without it. Entangle Bombard at all times. If any heroes fall to dangerously low health, feel free to use Rapid Regeneration.

Continue the same procedure for stage 3--Bless Cleric at every available moment, then spam Shield Tactics and selectively use Rapid Regen. Stay vigilant with the usage of defensive soul skills, and once all enemies kill themselves through Avenge, you will be the victor of the day!

Stages before 20: Edit

Druid (for extra survivability) or Berserker (for a faster clear)

Warmaster Knight


Hero Equipment Skills
Druid Abjurer's Staff of Protection/Nature's Offering/Rod of Ruin, Netherwolf Hide/Vest of the Flayer/Great Wyrm Hide Entangle, Invigor, Renewal, Essence of Nature, Heart of the Wld
Berserker Pulverizer/Earthquaker, Netherwolf Hide/Vest of the Flayer Bloodbath/Raging Strike, Fatiguing Strike, Raging Shout, Reckless, Vicious Streak
Warmaster Ambusher's Hacker/Moon Mace, Chainskin Battle Fury, Call to Arms, Heavy Bash, Commanding Aura, Shield of Valor
Knight Blade of Wonder/Perfect Katana, Shell of Protection/Strength of Legend Parry, Sunder, Threaten, Courage, Enhanced Armor
Cleric Ambusher's Hacker/Moon Mace, Chainskin/Dragonscale Cleanse, Quick Heal, Righteous Call, Charismatic Leader, Healer/Tithe

This well-renowned stall team is slow, but durable. Spam Inspiration and Shield Tactics to build up defense for the team, and use Rapid Regeneration whenever heroes start falling below half health or so. Resurrect whenever necessary. As the battle goes on, Knight and Warmaster will provide you with incredibly high amounts of defense, and Heavy Bash will obliterate enemies in one hit. It is of utmost importance that you always invigor Knight whenever possible in order to keep Threaten active. Otherwise, you run the risk of your backline heroes especially Cleric being torn apart by ranged attackers. Since Invigor cannot be cast on heroes with full health, you may need to micromanage your heals so that Knight is not at full health when Invigor appears; this can be accomplished by redirecting heals to other heroes. You will be the most vulnerable when transitioning to the next wave, since Threaten will not be active. Potions can help keep your Cleric alive until it is used.

If you are strong enough to not need a full stall team, you could consider switching Druid for a strong physical attacker such as Berserker. Wait until Raging Shout, Battle Fury, and some Inspiration stacks are active, and then use Berserker's Rampage to seriously damage enemies. Though Berserker damages himself, he can also heal himself (with Vicious Streak), so focus all heals on other heroes.

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